Softwired is a webcomic/webnovel depicting, as the tagline says, "one robot's journey from amnesia to enlightenment". User:Darekun is the author. It's located at[1]

It takes place in a postapocalyptic sci-fi setting, with an entire cast of robots, most at least somewhat anthropomorphic. The style is generally serious, with mild humor sprinkled throughout, and most updates ending in some emotional set-up. The beat panel is oft-used, but rarely penultimate.

The main site sets a Web MA rating, "for casual use of adult themes". Profanity is casual but not gratuitous, and primarily in a "cathartic" context. Reproduction (in a sense beyond simple construction) has been touched on, and Silverthorn and Tangle have exhibited squick at each other's "home" reproductive methods. Almost every character is constantly armed, and in the protracted siege/war of conquest situations the characters are in, violence is a way of life.

The first 15 updates were in comic strip form with a variable number of panels, but after a ten-month hiatus updates resumed as text. User:Darekun has indicated future updates will have "the occasional illustration", though this hasn't happened yet. When there is art, it's raytraced in POV-Ray, with speech bubbles created in CorelDRAW, and compositing done in custom programs written in Borland Delphi by User:Darekun. HTML editing is done in TextTree, with automation using other custom programs.


  1. Dead link.

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