The Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun, after losing it's Greater Vehicle elements to the Church of the True God of the Unconquered Sun in 3112 N.E., has become increasingly Orthodox and Horsehead-centric in belief. It is the official religion in the Horoko Empire and in the Independent Horsehead Empire, where it has to deal with competition for Horsehead allegiance from the Church of the True God. The current Solar Church is divided over the traditional authority of the high priests on Horoko, with the Solar Church priests in the Horoko Empire and some catering to Horseheads in the Independent Horsehead Empire and to Horseheads elsewhere outside both Horsehead empires (see Horseheads outside the Horsehead Empire for details) recognizing the authority of the Horoko high priests as divinely ordained by the Unconquered Sun itself. But other Solar Church priests see the high priesthood on Horoko as increasingly irrelevant.

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