Solid Snake is one of the co-creators of GAJ, the other being ATHF_Freak. An admin from the beginning, Snake has guided this board through most of its history.

His time on GAJ

Being one of GAJ's founding fathers, he has been around since they said "Let there be light!"

His first administrative action was to name the board Gamers Against Jack. He has helped the board along, naming all of the original administrators, doing much work to keep the boards going. He was a common face on GAJ Chat, and started the original GAJ Chat Topic after nearly dying from laughter in the chatroom.

Snake was held in high regard as a fun and interesting poster. He made an attempt to post in as many topics as he could, and read every post. He also solely created GAJ2 after the Free Forum World Crash.


He dissapeared for a long while, coming in sporadically due to Hurricane Katrina hitting Baton Rouge: Snakes home town. He came back after few months once his life got back to normal. He then went AWOL around Christmas 2005, and hasnt been seen since.

Late April 2006, he emailed a few of his closest friends and said that he had left GAJ for good. He felt that the board had lost sight of itself and begun to become silly. He went on to say that he felt shame that he didnt tell anyone he had left, and wanted to keep in touch with his best friends from GAJ.

Metal Gear Solid: Board Raper

Main Article: The Day Snake Went Crazy

In early June, Snake used and abused his admin powers to mimic Ghost and attacked the board's forum names and descriptions, also deleting the Letters forum, sending topics to the Recycle Bin and deleting others entriely. This was soon fixed by Miss Shiina and Bloodlust555666 (with a little help from Ian0723), and Snake subsequently suspended indefinitely to prevent him from doing it again. A few people have lost respect for him after this event, but some just think Snake's too darn cute, so they have no hard feelings.

Personality Traits

Known For: Being fun loving, funny and a great leader.
Friends: Everyone, save for Ghost and others.

What Users think of Solid Snake

  • Definitely in my top 5 online friends. One of the coolest users on GAJ I have ever met. Always enjoys a chat and laughs at my jokes, which is good >_> - Matt44au
  • Solid eh? Sounds like he'd be good in bed... - Random Male Hobo Number 187
  • He was a good fellow, never pissed off anyone who didn't deserve it (unlike Ghost). It's a shame he left though - FDL/ATA
  • He was pretty cool, I never knew 'im all that well, but he was pretty funny. PurebredGamer

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