• Colonel the Narrator: Meanwhile, the Snake still stuck in the jail with Snake's mouth on your tape.
  • Snake: Woah, I can't go to the store, I didn't watch Rolie Polie Olie The Great Defender of Fun on DVD. Never, never... (sighs) (playing: Who let the dogs out)
  • White Soldier: (Knock the door)
  • Snake: What's that? A genome soldier?
  • White Soldier: We gotta go cell fight, now.
  • Snake: Here we go!
  • (Meanwhile, in the Cell Fight. Three Black Soldiers attacking with Snake and White Soldiers shoots the black soldier bad guy.)
  • Snake: What are you waiting for? Shoot!
  • White Soldier: Don't talk to you another rookie!
  • Snake: I am telling you shoot!
  • Black Soldier: Aaaaaaaaaah!
  • White Soldier: Come on, Snake! Do it!
  • Snake: (dying noise) Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • (Elsewhere in the house)
  • Snake: Damn it! You lost the game!
  • Meryl: Are you all right, Snake?
  • (Snake playing with The Backyard (1993, DOS) by the main menu choose the character)
  • Pepper: (on computer) Hello, I'm pepper!
  • Snake: Got it. (Then click the mouse where the pumpkin patch game.) Great! (click the mouse, when the pumpkin lid open and pumpkin seed bag will appear, suddenly hear a growing seeds) Aaarrgh! You're trick me! Pumpkin seeds trick me!

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