We may happen to be in London, UK, but we're connected to a global network of climate chaos struggles around the world. And we can offer solidarity support, inspire other folk by our actions, and take inspiration from the struggles of our sisters and brothers fighting for a future free from catastrophic climate change be they anywhere in the world.

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Solidarity Actions – Forthcoming & Ongoing

At our post-camp gathering on Sat 06 Sep 08, several folk mentioned the need to express our solidarity with our sisters and brothers in climate chaos struggles elsewhere – and here are TWO Solidarity Actions whereby we can actively demonstrate how Climate Camp London can step up when asked for demonstrations of solidarity.

  • Supporters of Climate Camp London joined in the Rossport Solidarity Action in London, UK on Mon 15 Sep 08 – see Dalinian's Solidarity Action report at IndyMedia for 15 pix, info on the conflict in Co Mayo, and tittle tattle on the trouble we made on the day.
  • Stirred up enough to Take Solidarity Action yourself?

Rossport Solidarity Actions

Press Report: Harrington’s hunger strike continues – Harrington vows to continue ‘to the death’ if necessary - Hunger Strike Day #7 Interview - Mon 15 Sep 08


Maura Harrington, Hunger Strike, Day

❝ LONG-TIME anti-Corrib gas activist, Maura Harrington, was due to officially retire from her position as Principal of Inver National School yesterday, Monday. It was also her 55th birthday. Instead, last night, she spent her seventh night on hunger strike in her locked car at Glengad, the site of the landfall for the controversial project.
"My resolve is as strong as it was at the outset.” said Ms Harrington.
She observed that she was ‘neither an agitator nor a loony’ and that her decision to go on hunger strike to the death, if necessary, was ‘not undertaken lightly’.
Her dramatic actions were from ‘a deep sense of commitment to place and country’, she said. ❞

Áine Ryan, in Harrington’s hunger strike continues, The Mayo News, Tue 16 Sep 08

Video: Maura Harrington, Hunger Strike Day #3 Interview - Thu 11 Sep 08

Maura Harrington
Hunger Strike Day #3 Interview - Shell to Sea Campaign, Thu 11 Sep 08

"I'm here, at the end of eight years activism, because this is the place where I began getting interested in the diabolical proposal which Shell has for the place. We are damned if we are going to adopt the 'cop it and lie down' attitude which is expected of us – in other words, 'not to say anything, not to do anything'. What has brought me to this, is that because Broadhaven Bay is such a special place, it is worth fighting for, and, if necessary, it's worth dying for."

Ring up / Email the Solitaire – Tell Them to Leave Irish Waters!

Right this minute – on-going
Sun 14 Sep 08 – 14:09 by FSB! - Rossport Solidarity Camp - Shell to Sea


Allseas' Solitaire, the largest pipelay vessel in the world

"Let that ship and its owners know your disgust at its continuing presence!

The Shell to Sea campaign is requesting that people phone and email the Solitaire and its owners Allseas Group SA to let the ship's captain and crew, and that company know that its continuing presence in Irish waters is unwelcome and that continuing to delay its eventual departure is forcing Maura Harrington to continue her hunger strike. Shell to Sea is asking people to demand that Allseas Group SA unambiguously and publicly announce the Solitaire's imminent departure from Irish waters not to return this year."

Contact numbers/emails for the Solitaire, its captain Mr. Simon van der Plicht, and for Allseas Group SA's legal and public relations departments:

The Solitaire
tel.: 0047 5140 7930 ext. 100

Allseas Group SA Public Relations Dept.

Allseas Group SA Legal Dept.

Shell to Sea also requests that carbon copies of your correspondence to the Solitaire and Allseas Group SA be sent to Rossport Solidarity Camp, so the mailto links above are configured to send a message with CCs to both Rossport Solidarity Camp <> and to CC.LDN.activists <> with the Subject: Allseas' Solitaire Must Leave Irish Waters Immediately

For those who rely only on the surface mails, here's a few postal addresses for Allseas Group SA:

Allseas Group S.A.
Route de Pra de Plan 18
Case Postale 411
1618 Châtel-Saint-Denis

tel: +41 21 948 3500
fax: +41 21 948 3599

Allseas Marine Services N.V.
Stationsstraat 180
B-2910 Essen

tel: +32 3 670 1830
fax: +32 3 667 7969

Allseas Engineering bv
Poortweg 12
2612 PA Delft
The Netherlands

tel: +31 15 268 1800
fax: +31 15 257 1623

Allseas EMEA

Allseas UK
7 Albemarle Street
London WIS 4HQ

Get Inspired – Feel Informed

If you feel you may need some motivation to boost you into joining this Solidarity Action, I heartily recommend taking a look at some background info on the courageous struggle by our sisters and brothers in Ireland to stuff a potato up the pipe of Shell's attempt to increase fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions in the Emerald Isle:

Maura Harrington Hunger Strike Videos

  • "Maura Harrington goes on hunger strike in Glengad, Co. Mayo, to protest against the arrival of the Solitare (a large pipe-laying vessel) and to further highlight the local 'Shell To Sea' campaign. This interview is filmed on day three of her hunger strike."
  • at YouTube – other related videos are also available
  • Maura Harrington Hunger Strike Video –
  • Maura Harrington - Hungerstride interview - shell to sea campaign –

SACrilege and SACrifice

  • "Hunger Strike, Day 5: Maura Harrington remains on Hunger Strike. Meanwhile this is the treatment given by Gardai and Shell Security to her son Iollan Harrington at Glengad Beach:" [click the link to see the pictures of the Gardai filth in action]
  • at Shell To Sea – Campaigners for health, safety, environment and resources

Rossport Solidarity Camp

Corrib Gas Project @ Royal Dutch Shell

Rossport Update on 11th September 2008 & solidarity action in Brighton

Previous Solidarity Actions

This section contains details of Solidarity Actions which were previously featured in Solidarity Actions – Forthcoming & Ongoing.

Rossport Solidarity Action: Mon 15 Sep 08 – 12:00 noon

  • Support Mayo Hunger Striker Maura Harrington
  • Demand Allseas' pipe-laying ship Solitaire leaves Ireland, never to return

(1) Allseas UK Offices, 7 Albemarle Street, London WIS 4HQ – 12:00 noon

  • Meet up at the UK HQ of planetary despoilers Allseas, whose pipe-laying ship Solitaire is currently in Irish waters, hired by Shell to lay their offshore gas pipe at Rossport
  • Nearest Tube: Green Park, Victoria Line, 230m
  • Journey Planner: Transport for London –

(2) Irish Embassy, 17 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HR

  • Protest continues at the embassy of the State which is complicit in permitting Big Oil to further feck-up the Emerald Isle's green and pleasant land

(3) Norwegian Embassy, 25 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QD

  • Protest concludes at the embassy of the State whose state-owned comany Stat oil is working in partnership with Shell in Ireland

Make Some NOIZE!

In my prior experience, an outside-their-offices protest is boosted greatly by being a noize-demo: not only will the Allseas UK management find 105dB of angry protesters difficult to ignore, but all the folk in their offices, surrounding workplaces and in the street will wonder what's going down – and are likely to support us when they come to investigate what the racket is all about. So I recommend bringing noise makers:

  • saucepan / frying pan – plus metal spoons with which to strike 'em – clang!
  • whistles – keep 'em after Carnival, the louder the better – wheeeeep!
  • horns – Carnival stylee, air horns, french horns, conch shells, etc., &c. – toot!
  • percussion – bells, tambourines, rhythm sticks, DIY improvisations – ding, bish, CRACK!
  • drums – from one-handed to big bass strap-ons, so to speak – rattle & BOOM!
  • instruments – brass, woodwind, strings, theramins, {insert your instrument here} – parp, tweet, sching, whoooo, {noize}!
  • guitars – if you're a performer / protest singer, let's hear you / join in – kerr-ang, tra-la!

Bring as many noize-making goodies as you can, and we can share them around on the day, so we've all got the means of noize-production in our hands / mouths.

I'll be shooting photos and video clips for publication on IndyMedia UK and IE, so the noize we make will be heard far and wide, to uplift hunger striker Maura Harrington and the Rossport Solidarity Campers, and hopefully inspire future Solidarity Actions the world over.

A World of Climate Chaos Struggles

This section can contain brief details, thumbnail pictures and embedded videos of local, regional, national and global Climate Chaos Struggles from around the world, with links to their web resources and contact people.

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