The Solorian House was the ruling dynasty of the Venaarian empire during the Age of Conquest. It was founded by Vex Solorian or Solorian I. He began the invasions of Dallam and Gehzen, but was assassinated by his nephew, Jun Tevam-Solorian, so that his son, Pavor Solorian could become Emperor. Jun pressured Pavor, who was only 11 years of age, into creating him the Grand Regant; making him the primary power behind the Empire.

Eventually, Jun forced Pavor to abdicate, and took the throne for himself. Pavor fled to the Dal'allaman Republic, seeking refuge. After, Jun began to commit terrible atrocities, including genocide; which greatly troubled the populace of Venaar. However, he was killed over Battle above Moryl'ia.

After his death, the Venaarian Empire began to crumble, its armies desrting and its territory lost to the Republic and the Free People. However, Jun's daughter, Evel proclaimed herself the Queen of Venaar, and took command of the Empire. She managed to reverse the situation, taking back territory up to the Dallam border, and siezing a good portion of the Gezhen Peninsula. However, after a daring coup on her palace, she was killed. But, the real power behind the throne was infact her grandmother and Jun's mother, Tevam, an otherworldly sorceress. She initiated a grand plan to destroy Zanaeris. This scheme came halfway to fruition, before she was killed aboard her sky fortress.

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