The yellow belongs to the warm color system, the symbolic tender feeling, magnificent and expensive, happy, warm, leaps, to be willful, to be authoritative, lively, high chroma yellow for riches and honor elephant, the low chroma's yellow for the spring most ideal color, the brilliance yellow suits summer uses, but chroma deep strong yellow, then conforms to the autumn atmosphere.   Buff color gauze nature clothes, have the romantic atmosphere very much, therefore might as well uses takes the long evening dress or the night clothes.   The buff color coat may with the coffee color skirt, pants matching, may also join the shallow coffee color on buff color clothes the ghd hair straightener south africa flower bud silk lace, causesClothes' outline is more obvious. Light yellow and white, because both tone is extremely close, easy each other counter-balance effect, therefore is not very ideal matching. Easy to create the conflict with the buff color the color, is the pink, but the orange and the blue color are also matching which violates a taboo very much, should avoid.the leather shoes is quite well distributed by the black or the deep coffee color.   If two section of-like attire, may match up and down with many kinds of colors, if the black T-shirt, outside coats the red short-sleeved garment coat. May also on the black skirt, the pants be joined to the orange color, the white, the yellow and so on more striking contrast color coat.   When puts on the whole body is black, is joined to has the feather boutonniere, most can display the feather the gentle feeling.   Some point must pay attention, that is the black and half tint matching is not easy to flatter. Like flesh color, pessimistic, blue, pale grass-green and so on gentle color puts when the same place, the black will lose the intense contraction effect, but becomes the deficient individuality; ghd south africa specials   Is putting on the black clothing is most needs to emphasize puts on make-up, because the black absorbs all brilliance, if the face puts on make-up greatly pale, that will give the human one kind of sad feeling;

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