Something in the Air is a episode of Friturtoons from Season 15.


CSX 8888's trip to the Friturtitown/St. Catharines border is delayed by a crate of fish falling onto him and eroded tracks on the coastal route, but Boston & Maine 3666 does not pay attention to 8888's warnings and leaves before the signalman can be warned. 3666 puffs straight into the sea and has to stay there all night until he is rescued. When 3666 returns 8888 jokes with him about the whole adventure.


  • Some Theodore Tugboat models can be seen in this episode.
  • Sigrid from the previously mentioned Theodore Tugboat can be seen when 3666 reaches the Coastal Track.
  • The line "I can't help it" is omitted in Ringo Starr's renarration.
  • When 3666 is pulled in the boat of fish, the line "Pah" is omitted in the Ringo Starr renarration.
  • This is one of the few episodes of Friturtoons to be re-narrated by Ringo Starr.


  • When 8888 says "I can't help it, it's the fish", his smoke appears forward, then is played backwards, then played forwards again.
  • After 3666 reaches the fog, he loses two vans.
  • Before 3666  falls into the sea, his brakes are applied and his wheels stop moving, but when he does fall into the sea, his wheels are moving.
  • In real life, an engine would sink in water.
  • When 8888 oils away with 3666 at the end of the episode, the throttling up noise starts long before 8888 moves.
  • Why was 3666 put on the barge of fish instead of being taken to the works via rails?
  • Nothing is said about 3666's driver, fireman, or guard after the crash. This was corrected in the Ringo Starr renarration with the line: "His crew jumped clear".
  • There was no need for Ash Ketchum to blame 3666 for his accident. 
  • The barge would have sunk due to 3666's weight.
  • 8888 is able to pull 3666 on his own, who is much bigger than he is, but in the ending of the pilot episode, 8888 needed Thomas's help to pull him, who is about the same size as 3666.

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