Something in the Air is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of Pongo the Dalmatian and Friends, and the one hundred and nineteenth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode of the same name.


  • Pongo (from 101 Dalmatians) as Thomas
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Henry
  • Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) as Cranky
  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Lampie (from Pete's Dragon) as The Lighthouse Keeper
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) as James (cameo)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


Narrator: "One day, Pongo was at the keyside of a small village.

The early morning catch of fish were being given to his monkeys.

The work took a long time, the fishermen were using old equipment and Pongo was worried."

Pongo: "I'm going to be late for Baloo at the docks, he won't like this. Please hurry up and..."

Narrator: "Pongo was rudely interrupted."

(Crate of fish lands on Pongo)

Narrator: "His driver and fireman laughed."

Pongo: "Phew!"

Narrator: "Sniffed Pongo."

Pongo: "What a pong."

Narrator: "He was glad when they were speeding along the beautiful coastal run.

As they approached the lighthouse, they saw Lampie waving a red flag."

Pongo: "What's the matter now?"

Lampie: "High tides are damaging the road."

Narrator: "Reported Lampie."

Lampie: "I've marked the spot."

Pongo's Driver: "We'll go and inspect."

Narrator: "Said the driver."

Pongo's Driver: "It would be dangerous for heavy Disney Characters like Baloo."

Narrator: "Agreed the driver."

Pongo's Driver: "But for Pongo, it's safe enough."

Narrator: "The guard put a red oil lamp by the damaged road to warn Disney Characters."

Guard: "When we get to the docks, I'll tell them to close the line."

Narrator: "Baloo was waiting anxiously for Pongo's monkeys."

Baloo: "Pwah, you're late! And that smell is making me ill."

Pongo: "I can't help it, it's the fish."

Narrator: "Replied Pongo."

Pongo: "And there's danger on the road, that's why we're late."

Baloo: "Huh, you're the only danger on the road Pongo, now stop wasting time, and get your monkeys hitched to my line!"

Narrator: "Pongo's driver and fireman were in the yardmaster's office when they heard Baloo.

There he was, leaving the station with his long, heavy line of monkeys called the Flying Kipper."

Pongo's Driver: "What route is Baloo taking tonight?"

Narrator: "Asked the driver."

Yardmaster: "The Coastal Run, it's the quickest."

Pongo's Driver: "But I told you, that's dangerous for a big Disney Character like Baloo."

Narrator: "The yardmaster quickly phoned the signalman.

Baloo roared past the signalbox."

Baloo: "I'll soon make up for lost time!"

Narrator: "The signalman was answering the telephone, but couldn't hear the warning.

By the time he did, Baloo was far away in a cloud of steam.

But when Baloo reached the Coastal Road, his hopes for a fast run were dashed.

Fog floated everywhere."

Baloo: "I can't see."

Narrator: "Cried Baloo. Nor could his driver.

When he could, it was too late."

(Baloo lands in the water)

Narrator: "As soon as the tide was high enough, Baloo was craned out of the water."

Mickey Mouse: "Disney Characters don't swim, Baloo. You were meant to deliver fish, not swim with them."

Narrator: "Said Mickey Mouse."

Mickey Mouse: "You should know that by now!"

Baloo: "Yes sir, I'm sorry sir."

Narrator: "When Baloo arrived at the docks, Rabbit looked down at him disdainfully."

Rabbit: "My, my, Baloo. I expect you'll have some fishy tales to tell. But take my advice, have a long hosedown first."

Baloo: "Pah!"

Narrator: "Hissed Baloo. But there was worst to come."

Boy #1: "Look!"

Narrator: "Said a child."

Boy #1: "They caught all this fish and a gray whale too."

Boy #2: "It's not a whale, it's a monster."

Narrator: "Baloo was most upset.

Pongo now felt sorry for Baloo."

Pongo: "Come on, your driver says it's time for a nice hot shower. Then, you'll feel much better."

Narrator: "And Baloo did."

Baloo: "I'm sorry I was rude to you, Pongo."

Pongo: "Oh, that's alright!

But can you smell something?"

Baloo: "Wh-Wh-Wh-What?"

Narrator: "Asked Baloo nervously."

Pongo: "Fresh air!"

Baloo: "Oh, yes!"

Narrator: "Replied Baloo."

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