File:Http:// l.jpgTemplate:Son Of Jackass Son Of Jackass is a low budget stunt film started in August 2005. The film was started by Vinny Bergamotto and RJ Benjamin and was considered a tribute to the original Jackass TV show and movie (the name 'Son Of Jackass' came from the end of the original Jackass movie), aswell as all four of Bam Margera's CKY films. The idea though was not to blatantly copy ideas from the originals, but also come up with new, original stunts. The majority of the movie is filmed in New Jersey with some parts filmed in Boston (whether the Boston footage will be used in the movie, is still unknown at this point), and the original cast consisted of 7 guys, later increased to about 10, and has since dropped to about 4 or 5. The film is still in the process of being filmed today, as the guys still have ideas left they want to try.

The Beginning

It was summer of 2005 and Vinny Bergamotto and RJ Benjamin were thinking of something to do. The idea of a 'Jackass-style' movie popped up and they figured they'd try it, seeing as all the needed at this point was a video camera, a few blank tapes, and ideas. All of which they had. They got their closest friends and started what would be known as the Son Of Jackass (or SOJ for short) Crew, similar to the CKY Crew, started by Bam Margera. The filming started so late in the summer, due to the fact that everyone had seemed to go on vacation right after eachother, and filming was slow until the whole crew was together, which wasn't until the month of August.

Summer '05 Filming

The first few days of filming were slow, seeing as only four members of the SOJ crew were actually in New Jersey. The four that were there included Louie Prosperi, Marc Dimitri, and of course RJ and Vinny. The first few days consisted of the guys doing small, but funny things like hitting eachother in the groin, doing flips and other stunts into a swimming pool, and harrassing the mailman, by having RJ dress up in a straight-jacket, and run after the mail truck. Once other members Scott and Jesse Mekita returned from vacation, new opportunities arose, seeing as the Mekita's halfpipe was now usuable. The stunts that followed the return of the Mekitas' were more extreme, such as going down the halfpipe in a small children's wagon. Other stunts consisted of attempting to drop in on a skateboard, to which only Scott could do at the time (Since then, RJ has been able to also complete an occasional drop-in). Other stunts included putting Louie on a leash and making him bark at other dogs and small children. Angelo Marabello and Jimmy Agrimeties also made their debuts in the film by doing random humorous things. The film was originally set to be completed and distributed by mid-September, but the guys decided it would be best to hold off on the release the film more stuff instead of rushing to get it out there.

Winter '06 Filming

Filming was put on a hiatus until January '06, in which the crew broke out the videocamera and decided to start up the project once again. The winter filming sessions started off where the summer sessions left off. The crew decided they wanted to start doing some shopping cart stunts, to show respect for their inspiration. Since they couldn't drive, the SOJ Crew decided to walk to their local Drug Fair and use the shopping carts over there. Since there wasn't much space, they only ended up doing the stunts in the same spot over and over again. RJ decided they should take a shopping cart and bring it back by Scott's house, seeing as he was closest to Drug Fair, and there was a lot more room and places to do shopping cart stunts. Being that the shopping carts were made of plastic though, they broke and were bent right out of usability very quickly. The SOJ Crew ended up stealing a total of about 5 or 6 shopping carts (the final one being metal) to be able to complete their montage of shopping cart stunts. Other events happened during the winter though that would effect future filming. RJ had purchased spraypaint because the SOJ Crew wanted to customize Scott Mekita's halfpipe by doing graffiti on it. RJ instead used the spraypaint to place the the phrase "SOJ '06" on the side of a public building in the Fairfield Park. The SOJ Crew refrained from going to the park for awhile, and had put filming on hiatus once again.

Spring '06 Filming

By this time, the SOJ Crew had gained two more members, Erick Valdez, and Adrian Kalici. The group was at it's largest numbers at this point, and the movie at it's strongest point. The group had gone back to filming and returned to the park to do a few more shopping cart stunts, but had one main thing in mind. The stunt was entitled "Stop Short" in which the group tied a BMX bike to a large metal lightpole in the park. The whole purpose was the ride as fast as you could away from the pole, and when the rope ran out, the person riding the bike would be thrown off. The rope had snapped twice and was a little bit shorter, but still long enough for everyone to complete the stunt. The "Stop Short" was the only major stunt in the spring, with the rest being not as important, or botched so many times they were thrown out the window.


On April 6th, the entire SOJ Crew (minus RJ, who couldn't attend the trip) made their way to Boston, Massachusetts. The footage filmed their included taking one of the fellow stundents neck pillows and rubbing it on the toilet, then watching them wear again for the rest of the trip. Other things included a fellow student getting a Skittle caught in his throught and talking in a high-pitched voice, Louie getting shaving cream on his face and farted on while he was sleeping, and throwing stink-bombs in the bus bathroom and locking a students in the bathroom when they went in it.

Summer '06

Things went downhill at the beginning of the summer. Scott Mekita started dating a girl by the name of Ari from Caldwell and kept putting off the SOJ Crew to spend time with her. This started trouble between Scott and Adrian, Vinny and RJ. Scott was thrown out of SOJ after setting Adrian up, and allowing Ari to jump him from behind. The SOJ Crew has broken all ties with Scott Mekita, and because of that, many of the other members joined Scott's side and left SOJ aswell. The SOJ Crew dealed with this loss, and decided to continue on with the movie, stating that they didn't need Scott to finish it.

SOJ Members: Past & Present

Current Members

  • RJ Benjamin (Co-Founder) [2005-Present]
  • Vinny Bergamotto (Co-Founder) [2005-Present]
  • Adrian Kalici [2006-Present]
  • Erick Valdez [2006-Present]
  • Chris Beade [2006-Present]

Past Members

  • Scott Mekita [2005-2006]
  • Jesse Mekita [2005-2006]
  • Louie Prosperi [2005-2006]
  • Mark Dimitri [2005-2006]
  • Jimmy Agrimeties [2005-2006]

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