Song Ryeske is a human from the plane of Crandon.



Song was one of the city of Trinestre's rangers, who defended the town from attack from the woods that abutted it to the east.

He attracted the attention of Academy recruiters when, while protecting a wizard who was fleeing from a wolf, he interposed himself and (much to his surprise) cast an Indestructible Aura on himself, scaring the wolf off and allowing the wizard to flee to the city.

Initially, he resisted the recruiter, but was forced into coming after he attacked it.


Song has not featured much in the Academy, much of the reason being his unwilling arrival.

An interesting note about Song is that he is afraid of snakes.

Song Ryeske in the L.T.E.

In the Longest Thread Ever, Song was initially married to Elena Ryeske, but after she was killed by Chiv Alri and Lowe Margas resurrected her, he has since become single and withdrawn.

He has two living children: Aria Ryeske and Elena Ryeske II.

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