Sonic's Adventures of Christmas Eve on Tooname Street is a Sonic/Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street FL parody with Sonic the Hedgehog clips, Mickey Mouse clips, Thomas and Friends clips and Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.


  • Sonic as Mr. Conductor
  • and more


Quote 1:

  • Sonic: Hi, Goofy. What are you doing?
  • Goofy: I'm waiting for Santa, Sonic. I want to see just how he fits down those chimmys.
  • Sonic: Hope you're not planning to be up here long.
  • Goofy: Not too long. Just till' Santa arrives.
  • Sonic: That might take a while, you may get stuck in the snow, just like Lady did on Sodor. Rusty told her a story to keep her company, and now it's my turn to keep you company. I'll tell you all about Rusty's story. (Blows his whistle and the episode, Snow begins)

Quote 2:

  • Emily: Help!
  • Sonic: Cried Emily.
  • Lady: If Skarloey survives the snow fall, surley a big proud engine like you can do the same.
  • Sonic: Chuckled Lady.
  • Emily: Pah!
  • Sonic: Moaned Emily from withen, and then felt as silence as a snow.
  • [then the screen fills up with steam again as we return to Tooname Street]
  • Goofy: Thanks for the story, Sonic, even though there is no avalanche site on Tooname Street, I just hope that soon Santa will be here soon so I can see if he can fit through those skinny little chimmeys.
  • Sonic: Well, tell you what; How about I stay with you to wait for Santa?
  • Goofy: Sure thing, Sonic. [clears snow off a box and sits down] [yawns] Hmm. Boy, I hope he comes soon.
  • [Goofy was beginning to be very sleepy and meanwhile back down on the street...]

Quote 3:

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