• Sonic as Salty
  • Tails as Claude
  • Lucas as Ocho the Octopus
  • Lily and Sister as Sophie and Sadie
  • Rouge as Aunt Chovie
  • Robots of Scrap Valley as the Clams
  • Sonic Jr as Ten Cents
  • Knuckles as Big Stack
  • Uncle Chuck as Otis
  • Antoine as Top Hat
  • Rotor as Warrior
  • Shadow as Hercules
  • Sarah as Sunshine
  • Vanilla as Captain Star
  • Mr. Stewart as Captain Zero
  • Mr. Tanaka as Zorran
  • Robotnik Jr. as ZB
  • Big as Zak
  • Chris as Zug
  • Griff as Zip
  • Omega as Lord Stinker
  • Hacker as Izzy Gomez
  • Dulcy as Sally Seaplane
  • Sally as Lillie
  • Amy as Little Ditcher
  • Rocket as Billy Shoepack
  • Roman as Grampus
  • Snively as Sea Rogue
  • Captain Rescue as Steamer
  • Metal Sonic as Bluenose
  • Stanley the Hedgebat as Stanley/Chooch
  • Timothy as Boomer
  • Jermone Wise as Big Bassil
  • Gamma as Scoop
  • Vector as Red Fin
  • Cream as Pearl
  • Athair as Old Rusty
  • Sleet as Mr. Bocco
  • Dingo as Mr. Socco
  • Chris as Cappy
  • Bunnie as Muntain Ferry
  • Mighty and Ray as Frank and Eddie
  • Ari as Scuttle Butt Pete
  • Cheif Pachamac as Mighty Moe

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