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  • Stanley - Cosmo/Knuckles/Shadow/Mighty/Espio/Ray/Robot/Manic/Antoine/Chip/Timon (from The Lion King)/Tails/Sonic/Coconuts/Rocket/Chip/Rotor/Max (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Rosie - Kirby (from Kirby)/Amy/Breezie/Sonic/Double D (from Ed, Edd n Eddy)/Mighty/Blaze/Tails/Cheese/Cream/Tikal/Knuckles/Baby Espio/Robotnik Jr./Vanilla/Chowder (from Chowder) (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Gus - Sonic/Antoine/Tails/Sally Acorn/Himself/Robots/Ray/Yakko (from Animaniacs)/Rotor/Vector/Charmy Bee/Yoshi (from Mario)/Espio/Tikal/Sonia/Max (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Llort - Antoine/Dr. Robotnik (SATAM/SU)/Sally Acorn II/Chaos 0/Coconuts/Scratch/Rotor/Sonic/Amy/Shadow/Snively/Sleet/Emerl/Eric Cartman (from South Park)/Buizel (from Pokemon)/Max (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Gnorga - Hyper Metal Sonic/Dulcy/Dr. Robotnik (AOSTH)/Grounder/Dingo/Rouge/Breezie/Himself/Boswer (from Mario)/Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland)/Robotnik Jr./Metal Sonic/Mama Robotnik/Sam Speed/Bunnie/Bokkun
  • The Flowers - The Disney Characters/The TUGS Characters/Other/The Thomas & Friends Characters/The Animaniacs Characters/The Tiny Toon Adventures Characters/The Theodore Tugboat Characters/the M&Ms Characters/The Mario Characters/Robots/Chaos/The Video Games Characters/The Mr. Men Characters/The Pokemon Characters (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Gus'es Troll Form - Edmond's Kitten Form (from Rock A Doodle)/Marie (from The Aristocats)/Sonic/Manic/Rouge/Knuckles/Tails/Vector/Mr. Krabs (from Spongebob)/Himself/Amy/Shadow/Rouge/Metal Sonic/Hyper Metal Sonic/Super Sonic/Hyper Tails/Silver/Blaze/Catty Carlisle/Trevor/Cheese/A Chao/Big/a random robot character/Ray/Mighty/Cream/Metal Knuckles/Cosmo/Werehog Sonic/A Wolf/Chip/Tikal/Bocoe/Decoe/Sonia (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Alan - Uncle Chuck/Jules/Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Himself/Scratch/Mario (from Mario)/Max Acorn/Metal Sonic/Professor Von Schlemmer/Chip/Timmy (from Timmy the Tooth)/Rouge/Spongebob (from Spongebob)/Sally/Bunnie
  • Hillary - Queen Aleena/Sonia/Sonic/Sally/Peach (from Mario)/Wes Weasley/Himself/Alicia Acorn/Bunnie/Tails/Knuckles/Jet/Vector/Shadow/Grounder/Patrick (from Spongebob)
  • Maria - Marine/Bunnie/Sally/Alicia Acorn/Manic/Sonic/Tails/Wario (from Mario)/Mama Robotnik/Sam Speed/Marge (from The Simpsons)/Mama Odie (from Princess and the Frog)/Sonia/Mina/Big/a random hedgehog girl/Cosmo/Blaze/Silver/Mighty/Ray/Coconuts/Tikal/Shade/Robotnik Jr./Dr. Robotnik (SATAM/SU)/Antoine/Lydia (from Robots)/Wendy (from South Park)
  • and more

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