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Version 1 (made by Mario 'N' Sonic)

  • Knuckles as Alvin
  • Sonic as Simon
  • Tails as Theodore (Tails and Theodore are both young)
  • Vector as Dave
  • Dr. Eggman as Ian
  • Metal Sonic Agent James Suggs
  • Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts as Security
  • Rouge as Brittany
  • Amy as Jeanette
  • Cream as Eleanor

Version 2 (made by Skullzproductions)

  • Sonic as Alvin (Both the main heroes)
  • Shadow as Simon
  • Tails as Theodore
  • King Acorn as David Seville
  • Dr. Robotnik as Ian
  • Queen Acorn as Claire
  • Amy Rose as Brittany (Both Girlfriends to Sonic and Alvin)
  • Maria as Jeanette (Both are Cute)
  • Cream as Eleanor (Eleanor's voice suits Cream)

Version 3 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Shadow as Alvin
  • Sonic as Simon(Both wear blue and both names begin with "S")
  • Tails as Theodore
  • Rouge as Brittany
  • Amy as Jeanette
  • Cosmo as Eleanor
  • and more

Version 4 (made by FlyingDuckManGenesis)

  • Scratch as Alvin
  • Grounder as Simon
  • Coconuts as Theodore
  • Dr. Robotnik as Dave
  • Mama Robotnik as Claire
  • Coachnik as Toby
  • Rouge as Brittney
  • Wave as Jeanette
  • Cream as Eleanor
  • Metal Sonic as Ian
  • Sonic as Security

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