• Tails as Milo Thatch
  • Cosmo as Princess Kida
  • Bunnie as Aundrey Rocio Ramirez
  • Knuckles as Dr. Sweet
  • Tails as Mole
  • Antoine as Vinny
  • Chuck Throndyke as Preston Whitmore
  • Uncle Chuck as Cookie
  • Mama Robotnik as Wilhelmina Packard
  • Rouge as Helga Sinclair
  • Dr. Robotnik as Lyle T. Rourke
  • Various Robots as The Mercenaries
  • Big Grizz and Big Mike as Chaos Lords of Fire and Ice

Version 2

Same as Version 1, but with additional Sonic X characters:

  • Knuckles as Milo Thatch
  • Amy as Princess Kida
  • Cosmo as Aundrey Rocio Ramirez
  • Shadow as Vinny
  • Dr. Eggman as Lyle T. Rourke

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