• Princess Sally Acorn as Noddy
  • Tails as Pingu
  • Uncle Chuck as Postman Pat
  • Antoine as Joshua Jones
  • Amy Rose as Giselle
  • Mighty as Martin
  • Sonic as Fireman Sam
  • Trevor as Charlie Chalk

Voice Cast

  • Susan Sheridan - Princess Sally Acorn
  • Carlo Bonomi - Tails
  • Ken Barrie - Uncle Chuck
  • George Layton - Antoine
  • John Alderton - Sonic
  • Michael Williams - Trevor


Sally's Mobius Adventures

  • Princess Sally Acorn and The Broken Bicycle


  • Tails and Cream at Home

PostHedgehog Chuck

  • PostHedgehog Chuck's Finding Day

Antoine Jones

  • Haywire

The Tales Of The Tooth Animals

  • The Stolen Present

FireHedgehog Sonic

  • Coconuts The Robot Monkey


  • Tails Goes Fishing

Trevor Chalk

  • Espio's Night Out

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