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Sonic/Barney is a parody with Barney sounds and Sonic the Hedgehog clips.


Version 1 (made by EliJBrown)

  • Sonic as Barney (Sonic and Barney are both the main characters of the series)
  • Amy Rose as Baby Bop (Amy and Baby Bop are both girlfriends to Sonic and Barney)
  • Shadow as BJ (Shadow and BJ are both vain)
  • Tails as Riff
  • Knuckles as Carlos (they will both portray Krusty the Clown from their Simpsons parodies)
  • Silver as Michael
  • Sally as Kathy
  • Big as Shawn
  • Ari as Miguel
  • Omega as Derek
  • Lucas as Jeff
  • Rouge as Luci
  • Marcos as Kenneth
  • Sonia as Tina
  • Cosmo as Min
  • Marine as Kelly
  • Cream as Tosha
  • Fiona as Ms. Etta
  • Charmy as Scooter McNutty
  • Breezie as Traci
  • Tikal as Linda
  • Lily the Flicky Bird as Megan
  • Professor Von Schlemmer as Professor Tinkerputt
  • Mrs. Thorndyke as Mother Goose
  • Lindsay Thorndyke as Ms. Kempler
  • King Acorn as Mr. Boyd
  • Ella as Miss Jo
  • Muttski as Bingo
  • Chris Thorndyke as Mario
  • Danny as Danny
  • Helen as Sara
  • Frances as Beth
  • Omochao as Booker T. Bookworm
  • O.J (from TUGS) as Tomie DePola
  • Vector as Firefighter Frank

Version 2 (by FirePuppy) (UPDATED 10/18/2013)

  • Espio as Barney
  • Blaze as Baby Bop
  • Shadow as BJ
  • Sonic as Michael
  • Tails as Shawn
  • Cream as Amy
  • Amy as Kathy
  • Sally as Tosha
  • Knuckles as Derek
  • Sonia as Tina
  • Marine as Julie
  • Rouge as Luci
  • Cosmo as Min
  • Chris as David (Kenny Cooper)
  • Lucas as Jason (Kurt Dykhuizen)
  • Antoine as Carlos
  • Charmy as Kenneth
  • Manic as Juan


  • Dr. Eggman as Rainbow Beard the Pirate (from The Treasure of Rainbow Beard)
  • Linsey Thorndyke as Aunt Molly (from The Alphabet Zoo)
  • Snively as Mr. Tenagain (from Having Tens of Fun)


  • Clips of seasons 4-13 of the three main stars of Barney & Friends are also used in this parody.

Version 3

  • Sonic as Barney Doll
  • Super Sonic as Barney
  • Hyper Sonic as Yellow Barney
  • Cream as Baby Bop
  • Tails as BJ
  • Charmy as Riff
  • Chris as Shawn
  • Helen as Min
  • Marine as Tina
  • Cosmo as Kathy
  • Topaz as Tosha

Version 4

  • Tails as Barney
  • Cosmo as Baby Bop (Cosmo and Baby Bop are both green girlfriends to Tails and Barney)
  • Knuckles as BJ
  • Charmy as Riff
  • Sonic as Shawn
  • Amy as Min
  • Cream as Kathy
  • Rouge as Tosha

Version 5 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Knuckles as Barney
  • Blaze as Baby Bop
  • Antoine as BJ
  • Sonic as Michael
  • Cream as Kathy
  • Rouge as Luci
  • Tails as Shawn
  • Shadow as Derek
  • Sally as Tina
  • Amy as Amy (are both two Amys)
  • Vector as Mr. Boyd
  • Epsio as Carlos
  • Topaz as Tosha

Version 6

  • Big as Barney
  • Sally Acorn as Baby Bop
  • Antoine as BJ
  • Knuckles as Riff
  • Sonic as Michael
  • Espio as Shawn
  • Cheese as Scooter McNutty
  • Rocket as Robert
  • Bunnie as Luci
  • Amy as Tina
  • Cream as Kathy
  • Cosmo as Tosha
  • Shadow as Carlos
  • Uncle Chuck as Kenneth
  • Tails as Danny
  • Silver as Juan
  • Griff as Jeff
  • Chip as Jason (2)
  • Vector as Firefighter Frank
  • Ari as Mr. Boyd

Version 7 (made by Vinhchaule)

  • Sonic as Barney
  • Tails as BJ
  • Amy Rose as Baby Bop
  • Knuckles as Riff
  • Dr. Eggman as The Winkster
  • Espio as Michael
  • Vector as Derek
  • E-123 Omega as Carlos
  • Cream as Min
  • Rogue as Kathy
  • Blaze as Tosha
  • Lucas as Shawn
  • Lucinda as Luci
  • Marine as Tina
  • Tikal as Amy

Version 8

  • Vector as Barney
  • Charmy as Baby Bop
  • Espio as BJ

Version 9

  • Mighty as Barney
  • Amy Rose as Baby Bop
  • Charmy as BJ

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