• Sonic as the Batman
  • Tails as Robin
  • Knuckles as Nightwing
  • Amy as Batgirl
  • Chip as Batmitey
  • Uncle Chuck as Alfred
  • Rotor as Lucius Fox
  • Cream as Vicky Vale
  • Shadow as Commissioner Gordon
  • Espio as Detective Bullock
  • Elise as Rachel Dawes
  • Scourge as the Joker
  • Jet as Harvey Dent
  • Fiona as Harley Quinn
  • Snivel as The Penguin
  • Mephiles as Mr. Freeze
  • Rouge as Catwoman
  • Scratch as the Ventriloquist
  • Grounder as Scarface
  • Coconuts as The Riddler
  • Shade as Poison Ivy
  • The Bandanna Ghost as The Mad Hatter
  • The Bowtie Ghost as the Scarecrow
  • Metal Sonic as Man-Bat
  • Ixis Naugus as Bane
  • Silver as Batman of the Future

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