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Sonic/Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures is a most triumphant parody series that features video clips from Sonic the Hedgehog and audio clips from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures. EXCELLENT!! (guitar riff)


  • Sonic as Bill S. Preston Esq.
  • Tails as Ted "Theodore" Logan
  • Knuckles as Rufus
  • Rocket as Mr. Preston
  • Princess Sally acorn as Missy Preston
  • Antoine as Detective Logan
  • Manic as Mr. Ryan
  • Charmy as Deacon
  • Coconuts as Coach Sweat Socks
  • Sam Speed as Coach Jim Nazium
  • Rouge as Ms. Spleen
  • Dulcy, Omega and Ari as The Three Most Important People of the World
  • Scratch as Mark Twain
  • Rotor as Christopher Columbus
  • Shadow as Mr. Radish
  • Uncle Chuck as Thomas Edison
  • Chuck Thorndyke as Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Bunnie Rabbot as Mona
  • Cosmo as Lisa
  • Big as Henry Ford
  • Sally's Dad as the Mayor
  • Sally's Mom as Detective Logan's Teacher
  • Grounder as Young Rufus
  • Espio as Young Detective Logan
  • Bocoe as Baby Bill
  • Decoe as Baby Ted
  • Blaze as Venus the Amazon
  • Emerl as Warrior of Milo
  • Updyke as Badger
  • Amy Rose as Mary Jane
  • Sonia as Queen Isabella
  • Lily and her Sister as Princesses
  • Lucas as Mr. Producer Guy
  • Athair as Francis Scott Key
  • Wallace A. Ditso as Abner Doubleday
  • Chip as Mickey Mantle
  • Ray as Golly
  • Jet as Jetty
  • Breezie as Gloria (from It's a Bogus Day in the Neighborhood)
  • Tikal as Pig Puppet
  • Gamma as King Puppet

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