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Version 1

  • Sonic as Takua
  • Tails as Jaller
  • Knuckles as Tahu (they're both red)
  • Rouge as Gali
  • Dr. Robotnik as Makuta
  • Super Sonic as Takanuva
  • Amy as Hahli
  • Cosmo as Macku
  • Shadow as Hewkii (they're both black)
  • E-102 Gamma as Hafu
  • Uncle Chuck as Vakama
  • and more

Version 2 (By Miru96)

  • Mephiles the Dark as Makuta Teridax (both are shadow creatures)
  • Sonic as Takua
  • Knuckles as Tahu
  • Tails as Jaller
  • Cosmo as Hahli
  • Shorty as Pohatu
  • Espio as Kopaka
  • Fiona Fox as Roodaka

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