Sonic/Bucky O'Hare is a parody series featuring Sonic the Hedgehog video clips and Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars audio clips


  • Sonic as Bucky O'Hare
  • Antoine as Deadeye Duck
  • Tails as Blinky
  • Sally as Pilot Jenny
  • Vector as Bruiser
  • Ari as Bruce
  • Chris Thorndyke as Willy Duwitt
  • Snivley as Air Toad Marshall
  • Scratch as Frax
  • Grounder as Frix
  • Professor Gerald Robotnik as Toadborg
  • DUFUS as Al Negator
  • Dr. Robotnik as Complex (Dr. Robotnik in AOSTH/Sonic X and Dr. Robotnik in SATAM/SU are not different people, they are the same! If people would pay more attention to the Sonic wiki, they would know that!)
  • Knuckles as Commander Dogstar
  • Shadow as Doug McKenna
  • Sleet and Dingo as Jeff and Mark
  • SwatBots as Toads
  • Amy Rose as Princess Felicia
  • Rouge as Veruca
  • Breezie as Felicia's Mom
  • Heavy as Larry
  • Bomb as Bob
  • Sonia as Susie
  • Frances as TJ
  • Uncle Chuck as David Duwitt
  • Bunnie as Sunshine Duwitt

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