Sonic/Cars is a parody with Cars sounds and Sonic the Hedgehog clips.


Version 1 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Sonic as Lightning McQueen (DO NOT EDIT)
  • Tails as Mater
  • Uncle Chuck as Doc Hudson(DO NOT EDIT)
  • Amy as Sally(DO NOT EDIT)
  • A Rabbit as Ramone
  • Wave as Flo
  • A Bear as Fillmore
  • Sergeant Doberman as Sarge
  • Dr. Eggman as Chick Hicks (Dr. Eggman and Chick Hick both have mustahces)
  • Snake as Sheriff
  • Ray as The King
  • Cream and Sonia as Mia and Tia
  • Breezie as Lizzie
  • Knuckles as Mack
  • Griff as Harv
  • Scratch and Grounder as Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze
  • Bunnie as Mrs. The King
  • Spongebob (from Spongebob Squarepants) as Luigi
  • Patrick (from Spongebob Squarepants) as Guido
  • Manic as Red
  • Vector as Fred
  • Antoine as View Zeen
  • Charmy as Transberry Juice
  • Lucas as Fiber Fuel

Version 1.5

Same as Version 1, except:

  • Sally and Bunnie as Mia and Tia
  • Amy as Sally
  • Cream as Holley Shiftwell

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