• Tails as Christopher Williams
  • Sonic as Joe Markins
  • Chris as Ethan Markins
  • Charmy as Jeff Markins
  • Cream as Sally Markins
  • Cosmo as Belle Markins
  • Tikal as Bella Markins
  • Marine as Isabelle Markins
  • Blaze as Isabella Markins
  • Saffron as Rosie Markins
  • Sally as Molly Markins
  • Vector as Father
  • Vanilla as Mother
  • Amy as Ms. Sally
  • Cheese as Wart the Kitten
  • Chocola as Taran the Kitten
  • King Acorn as Narrator
  • Knuckles as Nick Marie
  • Silver as Oliver Marie
  • Rouge as Ms. Ellie
  • Dr. Eggman as Mr. Troll
  • Shadow as Boris Markins
  • Snivley as Mr. Steve
  • Lucky as Elmo Fredie
  • Coconuts as Medic Fredie
  • Decoe as Woody Fredie
  • Bocoe as Lenny Fredie
  • Scratch as Orson Fredie
  • Grounder as Tom Fredie
  • Bokkun as Jame Markins
  • Espio as Ellie
  • Antoine as Manny
  • Mighty as Bob Fred
  • Robotnik Jr as Percy Merkie

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