Version 1 (CartoonMan3D)

  • Sonic as JFK
  • Rouge as Cleo
  • Amy as Joan
  • Manic as Ponce
  • Knuckles as Abe
  • Silver as Glenn, the school janitor
  • Big as Genghis Khan
  • Espio as Gandhi
  • Vector as Scudworth

Quotes from Littering Kills Literally

Espio and Amy are driving around in the entire city town.

Amy: "Who's there?"

Espio: "Orange."

Amy: "Orange who?"

Espio: "Orange you jealous of my new jump start? that's who, [Laughs A Bit] Manic the beloved-"

Espio throws his empty soda can right out the sports car window.

Amy: "Littering's not cool, Espio."

Espio: "If littering's not cool, then why does Manic do it? man, you're lame."

Amy: "Out, and I'm keeping your car seat."

Meanwhile with Manic still littering.......

Manic: "Sonic, wait, I didn't mean it!"

Amy: "Manic, everyone is littering because they look up to you, you have got to stop."

Manic: "What, Amy? is litter gonna kill me?"

[Wind Wooshing]

Manic: "What the-"


Manic: "Ow! candy wrapper cut!"


Manic: "Mixed berry my........bloodstream!"

Manic slips right on a banana peel.


Manic: "Oh! gaw!"

Manic suddenly passes away from the littered trash and recyclables.

Meanwhile at Manic's funeral ceremony..........

Female Singer: I'm missing you

what am I to do?

the tears stream down

like a flood

since you drowned

in your own blood

Silver: "Hi, I'm Silver, Manic was like a cousin to me, probably 'cause he was my foster cousin, my dead foster cousin [Sniffs Depressing]y] dearest cousin, I just wanted you to know-"

Vector: "Oh, Silver, some teenage boy vomited in the hallway, could you make with the saw dust and clean it up?"

Silver: "Uh, yeah, but I'm kinda giving my cousin's eulogy right now."

Vector: "If you could just do it now, your cousin will still be dead when you get back."

Silver leaves to do the cleaning up.

Sonic takes his place right up to the podium.

Sonic: "Manic the Hedgehog was my dearest lifelong brother, he left me this hover board, it's Manic's hover board....[Voice Breaking] Manic's hoverboard."

Sonic looks right down at Manic's motionless body.

Sonic: "Stand up, I know you're not really dead, stand up or I'll sock you 1!"


Sonic: "Oh my word, I just killed my dead brother!"

Sonic places Manic's deceased body right back in the red casket.

Sonic: "Manic, I'm gonna sleep here next to you."

Sonic closes the red casket, but he opens it back up again.

Sonic: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (he frantically jumps right outta the red casket.) I was in a coffin with a dead green hedgehog! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Rouge: "Sonic, stay!"

Rouge continues going right after Sonic in the entire hallway.

Vector: "Big, sing us back home right now."

Big: "Okay, I sing now."

Big: Goodbye, farewell, goodbye

Amy notices littered trash on the floor.

Amy: "You guys, pick up your trash, you guys, Manic died from trash, you guys, and now you guys are littering, that sucks, you guys, [Thud!] Ow! you guys suck."


Sonic: [Sobbing Heavily]

Sonic: "Why?!? whyyyyyyyyyyy?!?"

Sonic: "You took him! he's been nowhere gone! gaw! I killed my own brother!"

Rouge: "Let it out, [Kisses A Bit] let it out."

Sonic: [Wailing Loudly]

Sonic: [Continues Sobbing A Bit]

Sonic: [Sniffs Depressingly]

Manic's Ghost Figure: "Cheer up, bro, it's not your fault."

Sonic: "Oh my word, you're a g-g-g-g-dead hedgehog!"

Manic's Ghost Figure: "No, I'm not a ghost, I'm just a figment of your imagination."

Sonic: "I knew you weren't dead, Manic, let's go score some chiks."

Manic's Ghost Figure: "I

Sonic: "For my 1st wish, I want my deceased brother back here."

(Brief pause.)

Sonic: "Manic, you're back to life, oh I really missed you, bro, let's go score some beautiful young girls."

Manic's Ghost Figure: "This is getting super frustratin'."

Meanwhile with Knuckles, Rouge and Sonic..........

Knuckles: "Rouge, this isn't working out for me, I'm not comfortable with you spending too much time with Sonic."

Sonic: "Don't worry about me, I got my Nintendo 3Ds."

Sonic begins playing Sonic Super Generations on his Nintendo 3DS.

Knuckles: "The only game that blue super fast hedgehog is playing is pretending to be depressed, and 1st PRIZE IS GETTING INTO YOUR CHANCE!"

Rouge: "It's not about that, angel cakes, all that matters is you and me."

[Video Game Fail Sounds]

Sonic: "Now the character who looks just like me is deceased, [Teared Up] I'm killing off everybody, oh, why couldn't Manic have had 100 power rings like me?"

Sonic: [Sobbing SIlently]

Rouge: "Maybe I should just go back over there."

Rouge goes right back over to the back seat where Sonic is sitting.

Rouge: "It's gonna be alright, angel cakes."

Knuckles: "I'm just gonna leave the 2 of you alone 'cause it looks like you're about to do it anyhow!"

Sonic: [Continues Sobbing Silently]

Knuckles: "Here's the car keys, I dropped them right off at my apartment, it's done."


Female Singer: Why are you deceased?

I miss your super lucky face

though we can't replace your deceased figure

since you're now gone for good

Knuckles: "I've been acting so foolish, Amy, I berated Rouge for consoling Sonic in his time of grief and depression."

Amy: "When we cast our true love right into the sea of emotions, sometimes what we catch is in faith's hands."

Knuckles: "I've never been asked to be a fisherman in such a sea as this 1."

Amy: "Then you know what you need to do."

Knuckles: [Sniffs Depressingly]

Meanwhile at the thinking docks........

Knuckles: "I'm terribly sorry for the way I've been acting, I don't really know what to say, so I'm just gonna stay with you for a very long time."

Sonic: "Let go of me."

Knuckles: "It's alright, Sonic, Knuckles is here."

Sonic: "Let go of me or I'm gonna slug you!"

Sonic: [Teared Up] "Hang on to me."

Sonic: [Sobbing Heavily]

Sonic: "I'm a blue super fast hedgehog, I'm not accustomed to those kind of tragedies."

(Brief pause)

Sonic: "You know those words Manic said to me? he said and I quote: I hate you more than anything."

Knuckles: "Really? you wanna know what Manic said to me? he told me that you were a super good brother and a super good friend to all of us."

Sonic: "Really? Manic said that?"

Knuckles: "We can't let Manic pass away in vain, we need to learn from this and put an end to littering for good, Manic would've wanted it this way."

Sonic: "But Manic really loved littering."

Knuckles: "I know, but once it killed him off, he probably would've changed his mind from now on."

Sonic: "Oh yeah, I saw him recently, he's a genie spirit, he lives right inside my mind."