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  • Sonic as Diddy Kong (DO NOT EDIT THIS)
  • Cream as Pipsy
  • Espio as Banjo
  • Silver as Conker
  • Knuckles as Krunch (Knuckles and Krunch Both Have Their Names Begin with "K")
  • Charmy as Tiptup
  • Tails as Timber (Tails and Timber are Both Young and Have Their Names Begin with "T")
  • Shadow as Bumper
  • Scratch as Drumstick (both are roosters)
  • Lucas as T.T.
  • Dr. Robotnik as Wizpig
  • Big as Taj (DO NOT EDIT This)

Diddy Kong Racing DS:

  • Amy as Dixie Kong
  • Sally as Tiny Kong
  • Everyone else, same as in the classic game

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