Rules for All Versions

  1. Only Amy Rose is allowed play dora
  2. Amy Rose is not allowed play anybody else. Just Dora.
  3. Sally Acorn is too old to play Dora.
  4. Tails is not allowed to play Swiper because Tails is nice and Swiper is mean, plus Swiper is an adult.


Version 1(DO NOT ADD)

  • Amy as Dora
  • Sonic as Boots (So Sonic can't be Benny)
  • Knuckles as Benny (So Knuckles can't be Swiper)
  • Tails as Tico (Tails Cannot play Boots Because Boots is the main Boy and Tails is not)
  • Chris Thorndyke as Diego
  • Cream as Isa
  • Cheese as Baby Jaguar
  • Chocola as Cannon
  • Charmy as Pirate Parrot
  • Antoine as Map
  • Bunnie as Backpack (NOT CHARMY!!!)
  • Vector as Dora's Dad
  • Vanilla as Dora's Mom
  • Queen Aleena as Boots's Mom
  • King Acorn as Boots's Dad
  • Cartman (From South Park) as The Grumpy Old Troll (Both Are Fat and Grumpy)
  • Big as The Big Red Chicken
  • Snively as Swiper
  • Dr. Eggman as Captain Pig
  • Scratch, Grounder and Breezie as Pirate Piggies
  • Dulcy, Cosmo and Sally as The Fiesta Trio

Version 2(DO NOT EDIT)

Same as Version 1, Except:

  • Silver as Boots (They both sleep at Times)
  • Sonic as Benny
  • Charmy as Backpack

Version 3(DO NOT DELETE)

  • Amy as Dora
  • Tails as Boots(They both have 3 Bangs)
  • Sonic as Benny
  • Chris Thorndyke as Tico
  • Knuckles as Diego
  • Cream as Isa
  • and more

Version 4

Sonic as map

Knuckles as (the Grumpy Old Troll)

Sonia as (Isa)

Dingo as (Benny)

Sailor Moon,Sailor Mercury,Sailor Mars (From Sailor Moon) as the Fiesta Trio

Angel (From Scamps Adventure) As (Backpack)

Sleet (From Sonic Underground) as (Swiper)

Tails as (Tico)

Oggy (From Oggy and the cockroaches) as Boots

Jack (From Oggy and the cockroaches) as Knouk Knouk Door

Amy Rose as Dora (Amy Rose is not allowed to play Little star because it's a rule)

VERSION 5 (By Miru96)

Amy as Dora

Cream as Boots (I know Boots is male)

Rouge as Backpack

Yacker as Map

Big as Benny the Bull

Robotnik as Swiper

Fang as Grumpy Old Troll

Zavok as the evil Dog Catcher

Tikal as Isa

Blaze as Diego (I know Diego is a dude)

Charmy as Tico

Mighty as Big Red Hen

Tinker Bell, Rosetta and Iridessa (from Tinker Bell) as The Fiesta Trio