Version 1

  • Sonic as Xandir
  • Knuckles as Captain Hero
  • Tails as Wooldoor Sockbat
  • Antoine as Ling-Ling
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Foxxy Love
  • Amy Rose as Princess Clara
  • Cream as Toot Braustein
  • Shadow as Spanky Ham

Version 2

  • Sonic as Wooldoor Sockbat
  • Tails as Ling-Ling
  • Blaze as Foxxy Love
  • Antoine as Xandir
  • Amy Rose as Toot Braustein
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Princess Clara (Both are Princesses!)
  • Knuckles as Captain Hero
  • Shadow as Spanky Ham
  • Snively Robotnik as The Jew Producer
  • Dr. Robotnik as The Network Head
  • Vector as Steve from Long Island
  • Mephiles as The Terminator
  • Rouge as Unusually Flexible Girl
  • Sonnette as Strawberry Sweetcake
  • Mama Robotnik as Super Nanny
  • Black Doom as Franken Berry
  • Zavok as Phat Allen
  • Zor as Not Bright Donald
  • Zazz as Mushy Mouth
  • Zik as Mr. Russell
  • Bokkun as Judge Fudge

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