Sonic/Driver Parallel Lines is a parody with Sonic the Hedgehog Clips and the Audio from Driver Parallel Lines


Version 1

Sonic as TK

Tails as Slink

Knuckles as The Mexican

Silver as Ray

Amy as Maria

Vector as Bishop

Espio as Corrigan

Charmy Bee as Candy

Shadow as The Ambush

Version 2

Sonic as TK

Leo (From Little Einsteins) as Slink

Quincy (From Little Einsteins) as The Mexican

Manic as Ray

Sonia as Maria

Christopher Robin (From Winnie the Pooh) as Bishop

Tigger (From Winnie the Pooh) as Corrigan

Tails as Candy

Darby (From My Friends Tigger and Pooh) as The Ambush

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