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  • Sonic as Roddy
  • Tails as Sid
  • Amy Rose as Rita
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as The Toad
  • Snively as Le Frog
  • Scratch as Spike
  • Grounder as Whitey
  • Coconuts as Thimblenose Ted
  • Decoe as Fat Barry
  • Bocoe as Ladykiller
  • Badniks as Henchrats
  • Rotor as Shocky
  • Lucas as Jojo
  • Antoine as Liam
  • Big as Fergus
  • Sonia as Rita's Little Sister #1
  • Cream as Rita's Little Sister #2
  • Cosmo as Rita's Little Sister #3
  • Shadow as Rita's Dad
  • Rouge as Rita's Mom
  • Breezie as Rita's Grandma
  • Uncle Chuck as Harold the Prophet
  • Knuckles as Officer Colin

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