• Sonic as Finn
  • Amy as Rachel
  • Cream as Quinn
  • Knuckles as Noah
  • Tails as Kurt
  • Cosmo as Mercades
  • Chris as Artie
  • Sally as Tina
  • Espio as Matt
  • Ray as Mike
  • Nichole as Santana
  • Breezie as Brittney
  • Charmy as Sam
  • Saffron as Lauren
  • Mighty as Blaine
  • Antoine as Roy
  • Bunnie as Suger
  • Vector as Will
  • Vanilla as Emma
  • Fiona as Sue
  • Scourge as Figgins
  • Shadow as Ken
  • Rouge as Shannon
  • Ari as Jesse
  • Frances as April
  • Scratch as Azimio
  • Grounder as Dave
  • Helen as Shelby
  • Mr. Tanaka as Sandy
  • Topaz as Terri
  • Lupe as Holly
  • Griff as Sunshine

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