• Sonic as Andrew
  • Tails as Alex 
  • Knuckles as Sam
  • Shadow as Ken
  • Silver as Joseph
  • Amy as Susan
  • Espio as Kevin
  • Nicole as Keena
  • Cosmo as Katie
  • Cream as Mary
  • Sally as Adrianna
  • Antoine as Lester
  • Rotor as Nick
  • Sonia as Kendra
  • Julie Su as Nicole
  • Chris as Paul
  • Vector as Alan Cook
  • Ray as Slippy V
  • Mighty as DavidComedian1991
  • Dr. Robotnik as Victor Martinez
  • Scratch as Pedro Martinez
  • Grounder as Fernando Martinez
  • Coconuts as Warren Cook
  • Heavy as Simon Dawson
  • Bomb as Memy9909
  • Jet as Mr. Legofan4
  • Storm as Stevecomedian
  • Orbot as SuperMarioKing1999
  • Cubot as RyanBugsBunny

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