Version 1 (by Miru96, do not edit)

  • Sonic as Godzilla
  • Tails as Minyah and Godzilla Junior
  • Knuckles as Rodan
  • Shadow as Angurius
  • Blaze as Mothra
  • Amy and Cream as the Shobijin
  • Dr. Robotnik as King Ghidorah
  • Dr. Zachary as Gigan
  • Uncle Chuck as Dr. Serizawa
  • Metal Sonic as MechaGodzilla
  • Mecha Sonic as Super MechaGodzilla
  • Megatox as Hedorah
  • Fiona Fox as Biollante
  • Scourge as SpaceGodzilla
  • Black Doom as Destoroyah
  • Doom's Eye as the smaller Destoroyah
  • Mephiles as Monster X
  • Solaris as Keizer Ghidorah
  • Vector as Gorosaurus
  • Big the Cat as Millenium Baragon (both are fat and have big ears)
  • Silver as Jet Jaguar and Mothra Leo
  • Wave as Megagurius
  • Jet as Zilla
  • Storm as Kameobas
  • Cosmic as Orga
  • Rouge as Fairy Mothra
  • Silver Sonic MKII as Kiryu
  • Breezie as M.O.G.U.E.R.A. and Moguera
  • Chaos as Manda
  • Zazz as Gabara
  • Zavok as Obsidius
  • and much more

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