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Version 1

  • Vanilla or Sally Acorn as Amy
  • Big as Bob
  • Sonic as P.J.
  • Amy as Teddy
  • Tails as Gabe
  • Cream as Charlie (Cream and Charie are both young girls whose names begin with C)
  • Suke the Opossum as Toby
  • Antoine as Emmet
  • Bunnie as Ivy
  • Breezie as Jo
  • Bartleby as Spencer
  • Rouge as Mrs. Dabney
  • Dr. Robotnik as Mitch
  • Hacker as The Blue Circle
  • Mama Robotnik as Karen

Version 2

  • Charlie-cream
  • amy-teddy
  • mom-Aleena
  • bob-Nicolas
  • big-p.j
  • gabe-tails
  • spencer-sonic
  • scourge-emmet
  • ivy-blaze

Version 3 (by Miru96, do not edit or delete)

  • Amy Rose as Charlie
  • Blaze as Amy
  • Tekno (from STC) as Teddy
  • Rouge as Jo Keener (Rouge fits better as Jo because they both alternate between good and evil)
  • Wave as Estelle Dabney
  • Big as Bob

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