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  • Sonic as Jimmy Neutron
  • Chris Throndyke as Goddard
  • Tails as Carl Wheezer
  • Knuckles as Sheen Estevez
  • Amy as Cindy Vortex
  • Cream as Libby Folfax
  • Cheese as Bolbi Stronanovsky
  • Cosmo as Elke Elkberg
  • Jet as Butch Pakovski
  • Wave as Britney Tenelli
  • Storm as Ike Wolvermein
  • Vector as Jimmy's Dad
  • Vanilla as Jimmy's Mom
  • Espio as Carl's Dad
  • Nicole as Carl's Mom
  • Charmy as Sheen's Dad
  • Silver as Cindy's Dad
  • Blaze as Cindy's Mom
  • Manic as Libby's Dad
  • Sonia as Libby's Mom
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as King Goobot
  • Snively as Ooblar
  • Chaos 0 as Poultra
  • Eggman's Robots as The Yolkians
  • Scratch as Tee
  • Grounder as Xixs
  • Coconuts as Travaltron
  • Cluck as The Junkman
  • Shadow as Eustace Strych
  • Rouge as Grandma Taters
  • E-123 Omega as Baby Eddie
  • Robotnik Jr. as Professor Calamitous
  • Breezie as Beautiful Gorgeous
  • Metal Sonic as Jimmy Negatron
  • Metal Knuckles as Hermin
  • Tails Doll as Blix Strych
  • Hyper Sonic as Happy Jimmy
  • Mephiles as Gloomy Jimmy
  • Dark Sonic as Funny Jimmy
  • Pusedo Sonic as Romantic Jimmy
  • Classic Sonic as Cool Jimmy
  • Super Sonic as Hulk Jimmy
  • Super Tails as Burp Boy
  • Super Knuckles as Virbrating Lad
  • Super Amy as Special Girl
  • Super Cream as Invisible Sister
  • Scourge as Evil Jimmy
  • Miles Prower as Evil Carl
  • O'Nux as Evil Sheen
  • Boomer as Evil Goddard
  • Alicia Acorn as Evil Cindy 
  • Buns Rabbot as Evil Libby
  • Jeffery St. Cronix as Evil Butch
  • Patch D'Coolette as Evil Ike
  • Dr. Ivo Kintobor as Evil Nick
  • Anti-Penelope as Evil Ms. Fowl
  • Rosy the Rascal as Evil Jimmy's Mom
  • Anti-Jules Hedgehog as Evil Jimmy's Dad
  • Sir Charles as Future Jimmy
  • Merlin Prower as Future Carl
  • Athair the Echidna as Future Sheen
  • Classic Amy as Future Cindy
  • Big as Jet Fusion
  • E-102 Gamma as Commander Baker
  • Rotor as Brobot
  • Bunnie as Brobot's Mom
  • Antoine as Brobot's Dad

Version 2

  • Dr. Robotnik as Jimmy Neutron
  • Coconuts as Goddard
  • Scratch as Carl Wheezer
  • Grounder as Sheen Estevez
  • Mama Robotnik as Cindy Vortex
  • Breezie as Libby Folfax
  • Snively as Bolbi
  • Cluck as Butch
  • Sonic as Jimmy's Dad
  • Amy as Jimmy's Mom
  • Tails as Carl's Dad
  • Cosmo as Carl's Mom
  • Knuckles as Sheen's Dad
  • Cream as Sheen's Mom
  • Shadow as Cindy's Dad
  • Rouge as Cindy's Mom
  • Silver as Libby's Dad
  • Blaze as Libby's Mom
  • Dr. Quark as Eustace Strych
  • Doofus as Blix Strych
  • Coachnik as Eustace's Dad
  • Eggman Nega as Jimmy Negatron
  • Metal Sonic as Hermin
  • Sonic the Werehog as Happy Jimmy
  • Classic Sonic as Gloomy Jimmy
  • Super Sonic as Funny Jimmy
  • Pusedo Sonic as Romantic Jimmy
  • Sheriff Sonic as Cool Jimmy
  • Scourge as Evil Jimmy
  • Miles Prower as Evil Carl
  • Patch as Evil Sheen
  • O'Nux as Evil Butch
  • Jeffery St. Cronix as Evil Ike
  • Boomer as Evil Goddard
  • Alicia  as Evil Cindy
  • Buns as Evil Libby
  • Vector as Future Jimmy
  • Charmy as Future Carl
  • Espio as Future Sheen
  • Vanilla as Future Cindy
  • Nicole as Future Libby

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