Sonic/Kwicky Koala is parody series featuring video clips from Sonic the Hedgehog and audio clips from the Kwicky Koala Show.


  • Sonic as Kwicky Koala
  • Snively as Wilfred Wolf
  • Antoine as Dirty Dawg
  • Lucas as Ratso
  • Knuckles as Officer Bullhorn
  • Tails as Crazy Claws
  • Coconuts as Rawhide Clyde
  • Scratch as Bristletooth
  • Rocket the Sloth as George
  • Rotor as Joey
  • Espio as Ranger Dangerfield
  • Bunnie as Juliet
  • Amy as Ratsie
  • Lily and her sister as two female dogs
  • Dulcy as Bullhorn's girlfriend
  • Uncle Chuck as Jeremiah Koala
  • Elias as Airplane Pilot
  • Chuck Thorndyke as Customer
  • Bokkun as Cat
  • Vector as Fang
  • Rouge as Mrs. Von Snobbly
  • Sally as Ms. Priderocks
  • Chaos Zero as Bear
  • Brutus the Bull (from US Acres) as bull
  • Emerl as Alien
  • Zeta as Head Alien
  • Charmy as Mikey
  • Vanilla as Female Kangaroo
  • Professor Von Schlemmer as Scientist
  • MacHopper as Male Kangaroo
  • Tikal as Ratso's Mum
  • Cheese, Chocola and Various Chaos as Puppies
  • Griff as Woodpecker

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