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Sonic/Lady and the Tramp is a Parody with Sonic Footages and Lady and the Tramp Audio


  • Sonic as Scamp
  • Tails as Junior
  • Knuckles as Tramp
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Lady
  • Heavy as Jock
  • Uncle Chuck as Trusty
  • Espio as Tony
  • Antoine as Mooch
  • Snivley as Buster
  • Scratch as Si
  • Grounder as Am
  • Rouge as Aunt Sarah
  • Breezie as Ruby
  • Lucas as The Beaver
  • Robotnik Jr as Joe
  • Sally's Dad as Jim Dear
  • Coconuts as The Policeman
  • Amy as Angel
  • Dr. Robotnik as The Dog Catcher
  • Rotor as Francis

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