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Version 1 (made by FirePuppy)

  • Cream as Matilda
  • Amy Rose as Miss Honey
  • Mama Robotnik as Miss Trunchbull
  • Cosmo as Amanda Thripp
  • Sonic as Narrator
  • Sticks the Jungle Badger as Lavander
  • Sally Acorn as Hortensia
  • Knuckles as Bruce Bogtrotter
  • Tails as Charlie
  • Vanilla as Mrs. Thelps
  • Shadow as Harry Wormwood
  • Rouge as Zinnia Wormwood
  • Snively as Mike Wormwood

UPDATED 12/1/2014

Version 2

  • Amy as Matilda
  • Blaze as Miss Honey
  • Evil Sally as Miss Trunchbull
  • Cosmo as Amanda Thripp
  • Nicholas as Narrator
  • Cream as Lavender
  • Rouge as Hortensia
  • Big the Cat as Bruce Bogtotter
  • Vanilla as Mrs. Thelps
  • Nazo as Mike Wormwood
  • Clarice as Zinnia Wormwood
  • Mephiles as Harry Wormwood

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