Sonic/Mickey's Adventures of 101 Dalmatians is a parody.


Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Sonic Jr. as Mickey Mouse
  • Sarah as Donald Duck
  • Timothy as Goofy
  • Sonic as Pongo
  • Sally as Perdita
  • Sally's Dad as Roger
  • Sally's Mom as Anita
  • Dulcy as Nanny
  • Rouge as Cruella De Vil
  • Grounder as Horace
  • Scratch as Jasper
  • Ari as Danny
  • Uncle Chuck as Captain
  • Knuckles as Colonel
  • Silver as Sgt. Tibbs
  • Ray as Towser
  • Bunnie as Lucy
  • Lucas as Lucky
  • Tails as Patch
  • Rotor as Rolley
  • Blaze as Penny
  • Antoine as Thunderbolt
  • Shadow as Lil' Lightning
  • Badlinks as K9 Krunchies Dogs/London Dogs
  • Mighty as The Collie
  • Espio as The Labrador
  • Snively as The Evil Man ib the show, Thunderbolt
  • Sleet as P.H. De Vil
  • Dr. Robotnik (AoSTH)/Dr. Eggman as Scorch De Vil
  • Dr. Robotnik (SatAM/SU) as The Swamp Rat
  • Breezie as Kristy
  • Sonia as Cocoa
  • Amy as Spotty
  • Coconuts as Mooch
  • Al (from Toy Story) as Annoucer
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Mr. Skinner
  • Fifi (from Beauty and the Beast) as Wizzer
  • Lumiere (from Beauty and the Beast) as Dipstick
  • Mrs. Potts (from Beauty and the Beast) as Dottie
  • Chip (from Beauty and the Beast) as Domino
  • Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) as Oddball
  • Percy (from TTTE) as Waldsworth
  • Kaa (from The Jungle Book) as Alonzo
  • Shere Khan (from The Jungle Book) as Le Pule

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