• Sonic as Mr. Bean
  • Amy as Irma Gobb
  • Tails as Mr. Bean's Teddy
  • Cream as Lottie
  • Shadow as Scrapper
  • Rouge as Mrs. Wicket
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as The Male Celebrity
  • Mama Robotnik as The Female Celebrity
  • Scratch as Teddy Bear Thief
  • Grounder as Second Teddy Bear Thief
  • Coconuts as Man in No.3
  • Knuckles as Resturant Owner
  • Snively as Bully
  • Heavy as Rupert
  • Bomb as Hubert
  • Vector as The Chef
  • Espio as Lobster
  • Charmy as The Criminal
  • Rotor as Mr. Pod
  • Bunnie as Roxy
  • Antoine as Reliant Regal
  • Silver as Mr. Peggit
  • Chris as The Exam Student
  • Blaze as Mrs. Wicket's Husband
  • Mighty as The Librarian
  • Ray as Mr. Sprout
  • Bokkun as Wild Alive Sunflower

Version 2 (By PrimeThomasFans)

  • Sonic as Mr Bean
  • Amy as Irma Gobb

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