Sonic/Mr men are parodies with mr men sounds and Sonic the Hedgehog Clips


Sonic as Mr. Bump
Tails as Miss Daredevil
Antoine as Mr.Tickle
Bunnie as Miss Calamity
Sally as Miss Sunshine
Rotor as Mr. Daydream
Uncle Chuck as Mr. Worry
Dr. Robotnik (AoSTH)/Dr. Eggman as Mr. Wrong
Dr. Robotnik (SaTAM/SU) as Mr. Mean
Scratch as Mr. Nosey (in the 2008 Series)
Grounder as Mr. Small
Mr. Rude as Snively
Coconuts as Mr. Uppity
Knuckles as Mr. Grumpy
Ray as Mr. Happy
Amy as Miss Chatterbox
Shadow as Mr. Stubborn
Ari as Mr. Strong
Griff as Mr. Silly
Cream as Miss Magic
Sonia as Miss Scatterbrain
Manic as Mr. Dizzy
Breezie as Miss Naughty
Rocket the Sloth as Mr. Nosey (in 1970's, 1980's and 1995)
Silver as Mr. Clever
Big as Mr. Sneeze
Lucas as Mr. Snow
Mighty/Espio as Mr. Scatterbrain
Mr. Tanaka as Mr. Quiet
Vector as Mr. Forgetful
Charmy as Mr. Perfect
Robotnik Jr. as Mr. Bounce
Prefessor Gerald Robotnik as Mr. Grumble
Cosmo as Miss Dotty
Omega as Mr. Funny
Gamma as Mr. Good
Chip as Mr. Small (in 1970's, 1980's and 1995),
Fiona as Miss Wise
Chris as Mr. Nervous
Chuck Thorndyke as Mr. Skinny
Danny as Mr. Nonsense
Jerome Wise as Mr. Tall Jerome Wise as Mr. Impossible
Lilly and her sister as Miss Twins
Lilly's Brother as Mr. Slow
Hobodyke as Mr. Rush
Tikal as Miss Neat
Dulcy as Miss Helpful
Tikal's Dad as Mr. Fussy/Persnickety
Captain Rescue as Mr. Chatterbox
Trevor as Mr. Lazy
Derek the Warthog as Mr. Cheerful
Marcos as Mr. Brave
Bean as Mr. Noisy
Robot the Robot as Mr. Muddle
Prefessor Von Schlemmer as Mr. Greedy
Sketch Lampoon as Mr. Clumsy

In-Fo More?

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