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Sonic/My Pet Monster is a parody series that features video clips from Sonic the Hedgehog and audio clips from My Pet Monster. It's a hedgehog-errific adventure that will have you saying "That's two popular fads combined in one nostalgic image! Cool memories" Parodies will be made soon.


  • Sonic as Max
  • Tails as Chuckie
  • Robotnik Jr. as Monster
  • Sally as Jill
  • Antoine as Mr. Hinkle
  • Lily as Princess
  • Amy as Ame (Amy Rose and Ame both share the same name)
  • Dr. Robotnik (AOSTH)/Dr. Eggman as Beastur
  • Knuckles as Blaine
  • Shadow as Leo
  • Ray as Jumbo Jim
  • Freedom Fighters as the Wolfmen
  • Lucas as Myron
  • Manic as Skateboarder
  • Zeta as Rex Stalker
  • Mr. Stewart as Teacher
  • Dr. Robotnik (SatAM/SU) as Mr. Big
  • Snively as Nigel
  • Breezie as Gertie
  • Cream as Jenny
  • Bunnie as Mrs. Smith (Max's mom)
  • Coconuts as Zookeeper

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