• Sonic as Ned
  • Amy as Moze
  • Tails as Cookie
  • Coconuts as Loomer
  • Scratch as Crony
  • Grounder as Buzz
  • Chris Thorndyke as Coconuthead
  • Knuckles as Albert
  • Fiona as Evelyn
  • Cosmo as Missy
  • Cream as Lisa
  • Shadow as Martin
  • Zooey as Suzie
  • Sally as Bisty
  • Metal Sonic as Austin
  • Espio as Gordy
  • Charmy as Mr. Monroe
  • Mighty as Mr. Gross
  • Ray as Mr. Wright
  • Dr. Robotnik as Vice Principal Crubbs
  • Snively as Mr. Sweeney
  • Maria as Joy Dirga
  • Rouge as Lunch Lady
  • E-123 Omega as Mr. Chopsaw
  • Antoine as Mr. Kwest
  • Cheese as Seth
  • Heavy as Sportscaster #1
  • Bomb as Sportscaster #2

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