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  • Sonic as Boog
  • Tails as Elliot
  • Dr. Eggman as Shaw
  • Bunnie Rabbot as Beth
  • Uncle Chuck and Robots as McSquizzy and Squirrels
  • Rouge as Bobbie
  • Charmy as Reilly
  • Amy Rose as Giselle
  • Sliver as Gordy
  • Espio as Ian
  • Knuckles as Mr. Weenie
  • Sally Acorn as Rosie
  • Shadow as Serge
  • Ari as Hunter
  • Sonia as Maria
  • Ray as O'Toole
  • Mighty as Buddy
  • Vector as Deni
  • Snivley as Nate
  • Cheese as Doug
  • Others as Hunters/Animals and Rabbits

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