• Sonic as RJ
  • Knuckles as Verne
  • Tails as Hammy
  • Amy as Stella
  • Shadow as Ozzie
  • Rouge as Heather
  • Silver as Lou
  • Blaze as Penny
  • Vector as Bucky
  • Espio as Quillo
  • Charmy as Spike
  • Chris as Tiger
  • Dr. Eggman as Vincent
  • Snively as Dwayne
  • Breezie as Gladys
  • Cluck as Nugent
  • Antoine as BBQ Barry
  • Bunnie as Janis
  • Scratch as Timmy
  • Grounder as Skeeter
  • Coconuts as Lunch Table Larry
  • Jet as Dr. Dennis
  • Sally as Mackenze
  • Bunnie as Shelby
  • Wave as Debbie
  • Storm as Ranger
  • Policeman as Police Officer

Version 2

  • Knuckles as RJ
  • Sonic as Verne
  • Tails as Hammy
  • Amy as Stella
  • Chris as Ozzie
  • Cosmo as Heather
  • Cream as Penny
  • Cheese as Lou
  • Vector as Bucky
  • Espio as Quillo
  • Charmy as Spike
  • Dr. Eggman as Vincent
  • Shadow as Dwayne
  • Rouge as Gladys
  • Bokkun as Nudget
  • Robotnik Jr. as Tiger

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