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  • Sonic as Captain Jack Sparrow (Sonic and Captain Jack Sparrow are both the main stars)
  • Snively as Sao Feng (Snively and Sao Feng are both mean)
  • Dr. Eggman as Captain Barbossa (Eggman and Captain Barbossa are both mean and devious)
  • Amy Rose as Elizabeth Swann
  • Knuckles as James Norrington
  • Antoine as Will Turner
  • Uncle Chuck as Governor Weatherby Swann
  • Scratch and Grounder as Pintel and Ragetti
  • Bunnie as Anamaria
  • Rotor as Bill Turner
  • Shadow as Lord Cutler Beckett
  • Rouge as Tia Dalma
  • Tails as Marty
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Angelica
  • Cream as Young Elizabeth Swann

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