• Knuckles as Red (Both are red and silent)
  • Sally as Leaf
  • Sonic as Blue (Both are blue and are both rivals to Knuckles and Red)
  • Uncle Chuck as Professor Oak (Both are elderly scientists, and both are related to Sonic and Blue)
  • Tails as Ethan
  • Amy as Kris
  • Cream as Lyra
  • Shadow as Silver (Both started out as villains, but later became heroes)
  • Dr. Eggman as Giovanni (Both are the main vilains)
  • Antoine as Brendan
  • Bunnie as May
  • Vector as Norman
  • Charmy as Lucas
  • Saffron as Dawn
  • Ray as Barry
  • Gerald Robotnik as Cyrus (Both wanted to destroy the world)
  • Vanilla as Professor Juniper
  • Silver as Hilbert
  • Blaze as Hilda
  • Espio as Cheren
  • Nicole as Bianca
  • Chris as Nate
  • Helen as Rosa
  • Pokemon as Themselves
  • Breezie as Jessie (in Pokemon Yellow)
  • Robotnik Jr. as James (in Pokemon Yellow)
  • Animals as Trainers
  • Badniks as Team Rocket Grunts
  • and more

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