• Amy as Blossom
  • Cream as Bubbles
  • Sally as Buttercup
  • Shadow as Professor Utonium
  • Rouge as Ms. Keane
  • Ray as The Mayor
  • Wave as Sara Bellum
  • Chris as Mike Believe
  • Helen as Robin Synder
  • Danny as Mitch
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as Mojo Jojo
  • Snivley as HIM
  • Sonic as Brick
  • Tails as Boomer
  • Knuckles as Butch
  • Silver as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Mamá Robotnik as Sedusa
  • Sticks as Princess Morbucks
  • Vector as Bossman
  • Espio as Skinny Slim
  • Charmy as Tiny
  • Lucas as Ace
  • Big as Big Billy
  • Mighty as Snake
  • Jet as Little Arturo
  • Chaos 0 as Grubber
  • Breezie as Femme Fatale
  • Robot the Robot as The Talking Dog
  • Vector as Big Monkey
  • Classic Sonic as Monkey
  • Dulcy as Bunny
  • Marine as Bullet (The Strongershine Girls)
  • Cheese as Bullet (squirrel)
  • Blaze the Cat as Bell
  • Antoine as Bantam
  • Silver as Blitz
  • Chocola as Beebo
  • and more
==See Also==

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