Version 1

  • Knuckles as Bigwell
  • Sonic as Rodney Copperbottom
  • Amy Rose as Cappy
  • Rotor as Fender
  • Dr. Eggman as Phineas T. Ratcher
  • Manic as Lug
  • Vector as Crank
  • Gus (from A Troll in Central Park) as Herb Copperbottom
  • Lady (from Thomas) as Lydia Copperbottom
  • The Veggietales Characters and The TUGS Characters as Additional Voices
  • Metal Sonic as Madame Gasket
  • Breezie as Aunt Fanny
  • Tails as Young Rodney
  • Gary (from Spongebob) as Baby Rodney
  • Chip as Coffee Pot Robot
  • and more

Version 2

  • Thomas and Emily (from Thomas) as Herb and Lydia Copperbottom
  • Garfield (from Garfield) as Mr. Nuts
  • Sonic as Rodney Copperbottom
  • Espio as Big Well
  • Antoine as Fender
  • Knuckles as Lug
  • Shadow as Crank
  • Krusty (from The Simpsons) as Mr. Gunk
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Cappy
  • Amy Rose as Piper Pinwheeler
  • Espio as Diesel
  • Bunnie Rabbot as Aunt Fanny
  • Cream as Loretta Geargrinder (cameo)
  • Rouge as Madame Gasket
  • Manic as Jack Hammer (cameo)
  • Trevor, Big, Kenny (from South Park), Ten Cents (from TUGS), Robots, Stan Marsh (from South Park), Captain Rescue and Liane Cartman (from South Park) as Other Robots
  • Kyle (from South Park) as Sid the Sloth
  • Mighty as Mean Robots
  • Badniks as Garbages Robots
  • Dr. Robotnik as Phineas T. Ratchet
  • Dulcy as Coffee Pot Robot
  • Timmy (from Timmy the Tooth) as Fender's Head
  • Tails as Young Rodney
  • Mr. Happy (from Mr. Men) as Baby Rodney
  • Ike (from South Park) as Ball

Version 3

  • Sonic as Rodney
  • Mr. Stewart as Big Weld
  • Chris Thorndyke as Fender
  • Shadow as Lug
  • Knuckles as Crank
  • Amy Rose as Cappy
  • Frances as Piper Pinwheeler
  • Chuck Thorndyke as Diesel
  • Scarlett Garcia as Aunt Fanny (Hey, what can i say? I couldn't help it)
  • and more

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