• Sonic as Frank
  • Tails as Barry
  • Dr. Eggman as Douche
  • Shadow as Carl
  • Knuckles as Bagel
  • Antoine as Vash
  • Vector as Firewater
  • Espio as Grits
  • Mighty/Ray as Twinkie
  • Yacker as Potato
  • Dulcy as Honey Mustard
  • Scratch/Grounder as Toast
  • Cosmo as Taco
  • Amy as Brenda
  • Tikal, Sally, Bunnie and Cheese as Baby Carrots
  • Robots as Gumballs
  • Uncle Chuck as Gum
  • Lucas as Pizza
  • Rocket as Paper Towel
  • King Acorn as Meatloaf
  • Derek the Warthog as Tomato
  • Charmy as Troy
  • Metal Sonic as Darren
  • Cream as Sally
  • Chao as Potato Chips
  • Mobians as Pislitz Chips
  • Rouge as Woman
  • Breezie and Fiona Fox as Female Shoppers
  • Omega as Pop Tarts
  • Robot the Robot as Coconut Milk
  • Metal Knuckles as Man
  • Coconuts as Big Man
  • Griff as Ketchup
  • Metal Robotnik as Hitler
  • Queen Acorn as MILF (aka Camile)
  • Tails Doll as Druggie
  • Cat as Twizzler
  • Lupe/Nicole as Cookies
  • Omega as Fat Man
  • Robot (AOSTH) as Pop Bottle
  • and more

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